About Us

We are Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

We offer affordable computers installed with Genuine Microsoft Windows Software. You will have access to updates and security features from Microsoft to help keep your PC OS current and more secure for you, your family and your business. Do not lose money and time - Buy software from official source! Every refurbished PC from us has a specially designed Windows Certificate of Authenticity label affixed to it stating - For use on a Refurbished PC and it includes our brand name. The Certificate of Authenticity label is proof that the computer is properly licensed.

What is a refurbished product?

A refurbished product has been pre-owned and has gone through a remanufacturing process to restore the unit to full working condition and has been extensively tested, cleaned and updated with new licensed operating system.
Grading is all about the cosmetic finish of a product.
All units are fully operational, functionally tested and have passed a vigorous Quality Control Protocol. All data is wiped from any unit using proprietary software and previous owners of the units are issued certificates of Data Destruction.

Our products are Grade A and B when listed for sale.

  • Grade A - Unit is in Very Good to Excellent Condition - Has slight but minor Cosmetic Blemishes, barely visible
  • Grade B - Unit is in Good Condition – blemishes are more numerous but limited to scratches but do not affect functionality in any way.
  • Grade C - Unit is in Poor Condition, with some dents and major blemishes. Not sold through our retail outlets.

About ITRenew

ITRenew is a leading global provider of data sanitization and IT asset disposition (ITAD) services. We specialize in the complete lifecycle of enterprise and data center equipment. ITRenewDirect is our response to intelligent reuse of otherwise recycled IT assets.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in a state of the art 150 000 sq foot facility and with more than 200 employees worldwide across 12 offices and 6 countries, ITRenew leads the way in delivering innovative solutions for IT asset disposition, secure data sanitization, IT asset recycling and IT lifecycle management. By leveraging over 15 years of experience and market expertise, we provide the most flexible, turnkey solutions available. Our goal is to be the trusted partner for optimizing return on technology investment for our customers.

As the first ITAD service provider that has developed their own proprietary data sanitization software, ITRenew can easily customize solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We also have the expertise to control and monitor the entire chain-of-custody and reuse of your existing data center and IT enterprise assets. Our knowledgeable team members will work with you to identify the ideal solutions for generating the highest possible cost savings and peace of mind. This allows you to stay focused on your core competencies and running your business.

ITRenew is also committed to responsible and sustainable practices that benefit our customers and the environment. We are certified to the highest industry standards for data security, proper IT asset recycling, and environmental protection.

Our Certifications

ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certified
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certified
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certified
R2 Responsible Recycling Certified
Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance Certified
PCI DSS Compliant

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