Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

Why buy a refurbished PC from Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

  1. Windows experience – Whether a PC is needed for your, a family member, or your work, a Refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher offers an affordable computer installed with Genuine Microsoft Windows software. This means you belong to one of the largest communities of PC users in the world. With broad range of applications available to you such as Microsoft Office you can be productive in your business, at school or at home. Windows also supports a wide range of peripherals like printers, scanners, and webcams to enhance your PC experience. And, the Windows operating system is popular for business, helping to make it easier for you to collaborate with others and to demonstrate that you have the computing skills employers may want.

  2. Access to Microsoft Online Services – You can get seamless access trough one sign-in to many great Microsoft services such as: Office 365,, OneDrive, Skype

  3. Confidence you’ve made the right choice – Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher installs genuine Microsoft software with access to updates and security features to help protect you, your family and your business from online dangers like viruses and malware. People and business lose both money and time when they use software from unofficial sources.

How can I tell I am buying a refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

Every refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher has a specially designed Windows Certificate of Authenticity label affixed to it with the statement “For use on a Refurbished PC – No Commercial Value – For Authentication Only.” It also includes the brand name of the refurbisher who refurbished it and installed Windows on the computer. The Certificate of Authenticity label is proof that the computer is properly licensed.

Please note, that while the Certificate of Authenticity is required to be affixed to a properly licensed refurbished PC after refurbishment and loading of new Windows software, there is no longer a requirement that the PC must have a second Certificate of Authenticity from when Windows was originally installed on the PC.

Eligible for Windows 10 Free upgrade
Until July 28, 2016

Why do some refurbished PCs have two Certificates of Authenticity?

If the refurbished PC has a second Certificate of Authenticity, this is from the original Windows software that was installed on the PC. For more on licensing Windows on refurbished PCs, refer to this Microsoft Refurbished PC Licensing Guidelines.

Also download Refurbished PC Buying & Activation Guide.

Is recovery media supplied with a refurbished PC from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher?

As of January 1, 2014, Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers are no longer including recovery media supplied on DVDs with refurbished PC purchases. Customers who buy a refurbished PC will have another option to access a recovery image in the event that they need it. The most popular method is to access the recovery image that is available on the hard drive of the computer. Or the customer may be prompted to create their own recovery media. You can learn more about making your own system backup here.