Resellers Welcome

Reseller Discount Programs

We have reseller discount programs offering discounts from 10-30% off our website pricing depending on your monthly volume purchases.
There are no fees and it is free to join!

Beside obvious discounts, the other benefits of Reseller Program are Blind Drop Ship and Sales Tax Exempts.
See Blind Drop Ship and Sales Tax Exempts sections below for more details.

How do I become a Reseller?

To become Reseller you need to fill out Reseller Application!

IMPORTANT: If you already have customer account with us please CLICK HERE to login first!

Otherwise, click button bellow to start – application process will create your ITRenewDirect customer account as well.
Once you submit your application we will send you welcome letter as soon as your account is approved.

Blind Drop Ship

You may request that we Drop Ship products for you.
To request Drop Shipping add your products to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout – On the first checkout screen you will have an option to request Drop Shipping and to provide your customer’s information in “Ship To” section.

Sales Tax Exempts

Sales Tax Exempts are offered to preapproved qualifying Resellers only! has presence in multiple states and we collect Sales Tax in following states: California, Colorado, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Washington.
If you have a presence in State(s) above please select appropriate Tax Exempt Forms / Request.

These are PDF forms, please filled them out and email to!

Feel free to contact us via email or at 1-888-740-0954 for any assistance.